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High resolution audio
All albums have the uncompressed lossless studio format
Wav 48 Khz 24 bit
In addition, the respective album is in the download format
MP3 320 Kbit / s included.

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Payment is made via PayPal. You can also pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.
Immediately after the payment process you will receive the download link as well as the invoice.
The download file is in zip format.
About the file format:
WAV 48 KHZ 24 BIT – uncompressed and lossless studio quality – high resolution audio
The wav format offers the highest sound quality.

With the choice of an audio file of 48 Khz 24 Bit in wav format you also have optimal flexibility and compatibility for all purposes.

Wav files can be managed and played on your computer with practically every playback program.

The playback works on all commercially available portable devices such as iPod or cell phone and of course on all computers and hard disk audio players.

You can play and copy purchased Wav files indefinitely.

48 Khz means: Sample frequency of 48 kHz (48000 Hz) = 48000 samples per second
While the sample frequency considers the time factor, the bit depth represents the resolution of the individual sample.
A resolution of 16 bits means 65,536 possible levels (2high16). The resolution doubles with every bit, so that with 24 bits 16,777,216 possible levels are available.
More important than the sampling rate, e.g. 48 Khz, is the dynamic range, which is described by the word length in PCM. It indicates how many volume levels can be digitally encoded. While an increase in the sample rate from 48 kHz to 96 kHz is hardly noticeable due to the low frequency component in the upper part of the spectrum, an expansion of the sample width from 16 to 24 bits is clearly audible to the ear.

Pay and download
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Immediately after payment has been made via PayPal, you will receive the download links by email.

The orders are delivered in the zip container.
Unzip the zip file:

Windows users:
Once the file is downloaded, locate the file. The browser shows you the location.
Now right-click on the file.
Click on ‘Extract all ‚Ķ’ and select the desired location for the file in the window that opens.

Mac users:
Once the file is downloaded, locate the file.
Double-click the file. The folder is created next to the zip file.